Approve Version 3 was launched in Victoria in June 2002

Approve - The Smarter Choice.

One national database. One software solution. Yet, it looks as if it's designed specifically for an individual Local Government organisation.  This new generation of Approve provides further convenient time saving enhancements plus many added features. In turn, it assists planning professionals with their day-to-day tasks while providing significantly improved reporting at a strategic level.

Combine this with Approve's 6 year history, corporate member support program, high level of personal service and our reputation for designing the best approvals solutions, and you know you'll get a total solution that works.

There's only one way to appreciate Approve's functionality, features and benefits.  For further information, please contact Approve.  One of our team members would be more than pleased to assist.


Coming Soon!

Local government planners and builders will have exclusive access to Approve development & corporate member updates and site information including licences and support renewal dates.  User names and passwords will be provided for security purposes.  To register your interest, please click here.

Remember all the things you were told couldn't be done?  Approve does it and does it well.

  • Approve is a flexible "best of breed" professional solution.

  • APPROVE introduces best practice workflows and modernises traditional administrative and managerial tasks.

  • Approve can integrate with your existing corporate databases, including property and GIS therefore an entire local government organisation need only store data once and accurately.

  • The comprehensive reporting functionality makes Approve the best total planning and building solution.

  • Microsoft Word templates makes life easier when updating letter and document templates.

In June 2002, the second generation of Approve was launched in Victoria.  Now, local government organisations in all states and territories throughout Australia and New Zealand will be able to participate in this smart solution.  Approve is the most flexible and powerful approvals system in Australia and New Zealand.  So flexible, it will appear as if its been designed specifically for an individual local government.  So powerful, it can seamlessly integrate with existing corporate databases.


Contact Approve via e-mail or Tel:  03  9332  3381 for further information or to arrange an obligation free demonstration.  


  • Increased data input/output quality
  • Improved reporting to the team and management
  • Friendlier screens and features
  • Faster application searching
  • Reduced support time for system administrator
  • Faster execution